our 1/2 cup cold water or juice then add 1/8 tsp ascorbic acid (Vit C) to two tsp agar agar powder in the cold water or juice and set to the side. Put 1/2 cup condensed organic juice in pot with two TBS organic maple syrup, bring to simmer, add water with agar agar powder to juice in pot bring back to low simmer and let thicken a little shouldn’t take long then mold them and put in fridge for a minute or two.. unmold enjoy.

Vegan NO Gelatin Gummy Bears

“Autism Action Bombs” (Bath Bombs)

Our beautiful daughter Jasmine Marie is Severely Autistic and has to face many challenges. I wanted to create a product geared towards helping alleviate the symptoms  that affect people with Autism and to help their families who must cope and deal as we do…

I have seen all the things around the World and here on our doorstep in the US that are trying to Normalize Autism.. There is nothing Normal about Autism.. It is Brain Injury.. People who have done their own research know that Vaccines are toxic and play a key role in this puzzle as it is called. When you put the pieces together and they fit the puzzle is solved.. Seeing Sesame Street’s Julia really lit a anger in me.. It was Autism Glamorized and Normalized. Us parents with Autistic children know the way Autism really is.. Fecal smearing, Up all night, self harm, nonverbal children who are trapped inside their own minds.. Sesame Street shows Julia arm flapping yes but as she chases a butterfly, Hardly Autism.. I watch my daughter suffer in pain in silence.. I listen as she tries so hard to convey what she is thinking and only growls or loud train type sounds come out.. I watch as she throws her food and freaks out if one little thing in her day is changed for any reason.. I watch as others in public Stare at my child some with glares and some with questions.. I prefer the questions..

As I have said in the past I feel we all have our place in this Truth Movement and mine is to do this and try to help all the people I can with our Unique Products geared towards helping others who must suffer the same way.  Thanks for putting your trust in our family these days I know how precious that truly is.. God Bless all those out there who know this same struggle..

These bath bombs are something I have been working on for a while tweaking to get my recipe just right… I have added ingredients such as Zeolite Mineral Powder a know Glutathione booster and Acai berry pure extract and powder as well as Pomegranate powder to boost antioxidant properties.. The six essential oils in the blend are safe for children 12 months and up and are all chosen because they are known to help with things like calming and quieting the mind, Helps focus and reduce stress and anxiety, promotes overall well being, reducing inflammation and improving cardiovascular and digestive system, ease anger, irritability and neurotic behaviors. Some are known to increase the body’s natural melatonin output.. Even some pain relieving qualities. I have spent so much time creating these and getting them just perfect.. I do hope they help your babies as much as they have been helping mine..

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, Zeolite Mineral, Acai Berry Extract & Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Essential Oil Blend, Mica, Orbeez, Witchhazel
Find the bath bombs in our shop:
  • This product has not been approved by the FDA, I am not a doctor and make no claims to healing.. I am just a mom with a Autistic child who decided to try to help all I could..

Owner & Crafter

Lynette Marie Barron~ Barron 10 Acre Farm

Warrior Parents trying to Save the World!

We all were put in this movement for a reason.. We all have our jobs, our duties, our skills and talents to add to ease the suffering and worry of the injured while preventing the number of the damaged from growing.. A behemothic task..

Some days I wonder if we are making a difference and then I see all the people we have helped detox and I know we are….  I see the messages and emails and they give me strength on those days I have been up all night with my Autistic Daughter and have tons of orders to fill.. I think of the parents who have put their faith in us and their trust which after all we have been thru is not easy to come by anymore and overwhelmingly appreciated.

Autism is something I know so many need help with and I am always trying to think of ways to do so.. We have been developing a bath bomb we are calling the Autism Action Bomb that will be geared toward helping with some of the issues that come with Autism..

Each bath bomb will have Acai Berry Powder for a natural antioxidant boost,  Zeolite a mineral that is said to help boost glutathione production and aid the detox process..  Orbeez for sensory play and good mood boost, Epsom salt for it’s known detoxification properties, a blend of six essential oils that are all kid safe for 18 months and up and chosen due to their said qualities such as calming and focus help, sleep, mood boosting, headache relieving, inflammation relief etc…

I have been doing research and creating the recipe for these for a while and doing a little bit of trials and think I found my recipe I will be sticking with.. We have been detoxing so many with our bath bombs already that I wanted to help more who deal with Autism, ADHD and ADD..  I think even Bipolar would benefit from trying these bath bombs..  I will be releasing them on our etsy shop within the next two weeks but don’t worry when I bring them out I will let you all know..

Please remember the only person who can let your light be dimmed is you.. Follow your gut question everything… Our children will pay the price for the illusions we buy into when we hit one in two children with Autism. We are not far off.. 12-15 years will go by in a blink and this world will be unrecognizable unless we Unite for a Revolution of the People..

Find your nitch in this movement of Parents, Nurses, Doctors, Scientist, Journalist, Activist etc… Find where your skill can be of most help and apply it… You will be amazed how you light many lil fires along the way that spread the light even further and further..

I guess I had better get myself to bed.. Thanks for taking the time to read the thoughts of a Mother, Farmer, Business Owner, Activist, Radio Host, Friend I am a busy lady so getting to blog is a nice change of pace..

Lynette Marie Barron

Barron 10 Acre Farm

You can check out our products at http://www.etsy.com/Shop/Barron10AcreFarm


*I make no claims to healing, I am not a doctor, my products have not been approved by the FDA. I am just a momma who is trying to help others while helping my own.

Yes I am the Detox Bath Bomb Lady!!!

I had to come up with something and fast… My life was going crazy.. I was learning, researching, Waking up…

This world at one point had its good days and bad days for me..  I went through life with a general belief that people were basically kind and well intentioned..  Even after being abandoned at age 4, growing up in a less than desirable situation in a group home till 18 and put through the ringer by a couple heart breakers after that.. I still believed in people as a whole.. My Hope outweighed my Common Sense it would seem..

I trusted the system as well and I just wish I had questioned it.. That one ounce of my teenage rebellion would have risen back up in me and I would have snapped out of my brain washed drone state.. Even more I wish someone had been in my life who would have told me Lynette don’t vaccinate your kids and here is why…  Sadly there was not.

I have a daughter who is 3 years old and has been Autoimmune Neutropenic since she had six vaccinations at 15 months of age.. Her little sister is Severely Autistic and is almost 20 months old now.. I had to embrace natural healing and get away from the lies of the people I thought had sworn to do no harm to my children.. I looked into many things and finally decided to use my bath and body product creating to their advantage for detoxing..

After doing months of reading I came up with my recipe.. It was so amazing.. When we first started using them on the girls.. One had zero words she spoke and after she began to say Momma over and over and now she also says Dada too..  The other had nightmares subside and seemed to feel better in general. She gets injections of Neupogen due to Autoimmune Neutropenia and the medication gives her nightmares and sadly they seem to be about getting shots.. She screams and grabs her thighs right where I have to give her shots every third day.. These shots are just one more reason they really needed a detox that was usable and something I could create and use whenever I felt I needed too..

I had most the ingredients on hand and the ones I didn’t I ordered.. I fine tuned everything over the first few months with making sure I had only the best ingredients and was not using anything that may be an allergen to anyone who also suffered a reaction to vaccination or anything for that matter.

I was asked by many parents in some of the groups I am in on Facebook to list these for sale with my soaps and things I had been making for years and selling thru Etsy.. I ended up listing them and to date we have sent out over 6,000 detox bath bombs worldwide. How crazy is that?  It seems anytime someone shares our page or tells a couple friends we get so much business we can barely keep up, hell sometimes we can not keep up..  By we I mean myself and my 17 year old daughter who helps me with the bath bomb part of the business as much as she can, I have horrible arthritis and carpel tunnel and get trigger finger etc from doing these nonstop so when she is able to do some it is a relief.

Our reviews on our shop page speak for themselves.. I am so proud to be able to turn our negative into a positive and help others who suffer as well. If you have never even thought about what is in a vaccine it is a good time to ask that question, do your own research and answer it.  I want to thank all those out there putting their trust and faith in our products and letting us try our best to help.. I put love in everything I create and hope when you use it you can tell.. ❤

We also have Silk Soaps, Lotions, Body Butters, Mineral & Fizzing Detox Bath Salts, Roll on’s (Therapeutic & Perfume), Ear Ease, Under Eye Serum, Lip Balm, Salves etc.. I even make Shagbark Hickory Syrup from the bark of our Shagbark Hickory trees here on our farm.. It is a long process but so worth it.. I always get told by folks it is the best syrup they have ever had..

We all want to Recover our family members we want to try to help them lead the most normal life possible, getting the toxins out is a great start to that whether you choose to use ours or create your own.. I just want to know folks are cleansing as much as they can.. We use the profits from our detox bath bombs to help get the Truth out there.. I set up protest and send cards and flyers out I give away awareness stickers with every order from our shop and so much more.. We make a small profit from our other products to keep us in business so remember that when you stop by our shop..

I am Proud to be a voice for the voiceless, I wish someone had been brave enough to stand up and tell me so I tell all I can and will continue to do so.. Life is to short already why do we let the shorten it further with their poisonous vaccines, food, water, chemtrails… etc.. Stand up.. It is time for a Revolution…

Lynette Marie Barron

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